Two Burnley fans caught doing Nazi game against Spurs

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Two Burnley fans were arrest by police after being photograph showing Nazi symbols at Spurs supporters during their team’s clash on Saturday.

         One Burnley fan was photograph several times doing the Nazi symbolism. The other puts both hands to rub their eyes, signifying that they are crying. Which eventually led them to be kick out of the stadium for violating racial order and taken into custody.

         The Burnley statement said: “The club will not tolerate any form of discrimination. Be it physically or verbally and ensuring that such behavior receives the right penalties every time it occurs.”

         A Spurs spokesman said: “The ufabet club can confirm. That two away supporters have identify and have been subject to discrimination from the game.

         Spurs have long been associate with a large Jewish fan base. Previously, the club recently urged fans of the team to quit instead of “Yid Army” in order to prevent mockery from rival fans.

Met Police said: ‘During the Tottenham v Burnley match on Sunday, 15 May, officers were alerted to two men who had been ejected from the Burnley section of the stadium.

‘Both men were subsequently arrest by Met officers on suspicion of a racially aggravate public order offence. They have been take into custody.’